Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mummy vs. Ghost. Are you on Team Imhotep or Team Swayze?

Wrote a drabble. This one is a little different because it takes place during my book, as opposed to before like all the others. It's just a basic friendship drabble, so there shouldn't be any-

DAMN IT, RIVER SONG. I told you to stay out of my blog!

404 words.

Title: The Weight of an Empty Life Will Lessen in the Moonlight

Character(s): Danny & Red


"Listen," Danny says. "Listen. You're not listening to me." He begins to sway and presses his shoulder against the brick wall for support. "Listen."

"No, you listen to me." Red sticks his finger in Danny's face. "I am listening to you. And if you don't start making different mouth sounds, I will smoosh this finger in your fucking mouth and make them for you."

Danny flops onto his back, swigs his beer. The bass rumbles through the wall and through his diaphragm, tickles the soft tissue at the top of his throat. I know this song, he thinks. "There's no possible way-"

"Deal with it."

"I thought you were." Danny hiccups. "Listening to me."

Red purses his lips. "Oh." He bows. "Right. Sorry. Continue." A palm tree rustles nearby. An insect trills in the dark.

"There's no possible way a ghost would win. So a mummy can't touch a ghost. So the fuck what?" Danny shifts and slips in something slick. "So the fuck what? A ghost can't touch a mummy either. Can't hurt what you can't touch. But! A mummy doesn't need to touch a ghost! You know what mummies can do that ghosts can't?" Crossing his arms, Danny slops some beer on his shirt. "Curse."


"No. No. Like, you know. Spells."


There's a sudden bang against the back door - Red gives Danny two for flinching - and then the muffled rattlesnake-like sound of broken glass falling onto wood.

"A fight," Red sighs. "I better sweep it up." He reaches for the door knob. "You develop an ear for these things," he explains. "If you hear glass break, somebody's probably too smashed. But if you hear glass smash, somebody's probably about to break a face." He pauses. "How clever would you rate that wordplay? I came up with it myself."

Another glass smashes.

"Oop." Red pops the door. Yellow laser lights flicker over his lips, slide down his neck. "Won't be gone long. Keep my spot warm."

Danny chugs his beer. A puddle's left at the bottom, so he kills that too. There's no one else behind the bar, and the Dumpster didn't bother him at first, but he lights a cigarette now to chase away the flies. The song playing is different than before. He looks up at the sky; his hair catches on the brick. There are two moons. He shuts an eye, and the sky winks back.


  1. Yessss, Red. I would read whole novels dedicated to just Red.

    1. Maybe that's how I'll get a seven-book deal of my very own...

    2. Seven books of Red? Sign me the hell up.

      ...I guess the other characters can show up once in a while, too. :P

      (Also, I'm Team Imhotep.)

    3. (I am also Team Imhotep, especially if it's Imhotep from the Brendan Fraser movies.)

  2. The dialogue hooked me from the start! Very good read. Hope you post more snippets like these

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading :D