Sunday, June 12, 2011

This may be asking for trouble...

But I've set a deadline for myself. I will be finished by the first day of fall. Which Google informs me is September 23rd. So I added that nifty little countdown timer to the right because countdowns are nifty.

And by "finished," I mean "finished assuming my book will be roughly 80,000 words." So there you are.

I plan on writing at least 300 words-a-day from now until the 24th excluding my birthday (!!!) and the eight days I'll be in Iowa for their Summer Writing Festival. I'm taking their Advanced Novel Workshop, and I am slightly terrified only because I have to write a synopsis of my B.I.P. and I have never written a synopsis before.

I am literally a pussy. Just kidding. I know what that means.

In any case, I'll try to update bookfart more often. Perhaps continue that long-overdue review of Masked? Who the fuck knows?

Marcus. Marcus knows.

Marcus is literally a pussy.


  1. I'm going to be at the festival the week beginning July 10. And you? Who is your instructor? Don't sweat speaking Iowan too much, you'll pass.

  2. I'll be in Iowa from July 23rd to 30th. My instructor is Robert Anthony Siegel. The only things I know about him I've learned from his Wikipedia page :p

    What class(es) are you taking?

  3. BIRTHDAY!! I wish I could go down there and celebrate with you.

    That countdown is rather ominous.

  4. I haven't written or chosen what I'm going to hand in for my class yet. So we can slack together. As per usual.

    Side note, September 23 is 3 days after my dad's birthday. Make your book completion a present to him.

  5. Maybe your dad should write a book for me. Our relationship is so one-sided.


  6. My dad would probably just give you money to buy a book and then let you pretend he wrote it. He's all about using your imagination.