Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My bad.

Every day will be a different type. Post your favorite Pokémon of that day’s type. Provide a picture and an explanation as to why you love it.

Day 1: Normal
Day 2: Fire
Day 3: Water
Day 4: Electric
Day 5: Grass
Day 6: Ice
Day 7: Fighting
Day 8: Poison
Day 9: Ground
Day 10: Flying
Day 11: Psychic
Day 12: Bug
Day 13: Rock
Day 14: Ghost
Day 15: Dragon
Day 16: Dark
Day 17: Steel

Favorite Dragon-type: Garchomp.

At this point, do I really need to explain why I love this 'mon? Shark + jet plane + dinosaur. I rest my case.

Favorite Dark-type: Tyranitar.

Tyranitar are one of those unfortunate Pokémon that are RAWR-some but have abilities that suck. His ability is Sand Stream which causes a sandstorm every time he enters battle. Basically, that means your team better be made up of only Rock, Ground, or Steel-types or they will take damage every turn. Lame. On the plus side, he looks like Godzilla. And his arms are just stubby enough to be adorable.

Favorite Steel-type: Metagross.

This 'mon was one of my favorite from the third generation. I'm not even gonna play around. I mean, a giant mechanized spider? Sign me right the fuck up. And he only has two weakness. Count 'em. Fire and Ground. And if he uses Magnet Rise, he becomes immune to Ground-types. A giant FLYING mechanized spider? I think I just crapped my pants.

P.S. The next Masked review will be up, at the very latest, this weekend.


  1. Oh thank god this is over. I shudder to think about what you will do on your next anniversary. Still love you though. Glow sticks for life.

  2. Undoubtedly something even more awful and drawn out. G$4L.

  3. I await the torture with bated breath. What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.

    G$4L should be how we end everything.

    "Talk to you tomorrow, bro."
    "Word. G$4L!"