Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm behind by how many, you say?

Every day will be a different type. Post your favorite Pokémon of that day’s type. Provide a picture and an explanation as to why you love it.

Day 1: Normal
Day 2: Fire
Day 3: Water
Day 4: Electric
Day 5: Grass
Day 6: Ice
Day 7: Fighting
Day 8: Poison
Day 9: Ground
Day 10: Flying

Day 11: Psychic
Day 12: Bug
Day 13: Rock
Day 14: Ghost
Day 15: Dragon
Day 16: Dark
Day 17: Steel

Swinub is too cute for words.

If Pokémon were real, I would own one in five seconds. Maybe four seconds. I seriously can't handle how cute this thing is. Let's move on.

Toxicroak. Technically, this is cheating because he's a Poison-type first, Fighting-type second, but fuck that noise. He was the first Generation IV Pokémon that caught my eye with its badassness, and I usually hate Fighting-types.

Plus, he's a fucking poison dart frog. I mean, that's awesome. The only thing more aweso-ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD

That's Muk. I think the reason I like Muk is 'cause I have fond memories of it from the anime. He was always trying to hug Ash, and Ash would be all like, "WTF GET OFF ME YOU LITERALLY ARE MADE OF MEDICAL WASTE." And I LOL'd forever.

And now deviantART is freaking out on me. We will have to make use of official pictures from this point forward. GOD DAMN IT, DEVIANTART. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? I AM TRYING TO COMPLETE A POKÉMON MEME.

I'm sorry. Did you just shit your pants? Steelix has that effect on people. Yeah, yeah, he's primarily a Steel-type, but I stopped giving a fuck two Pokémon ago, nerd.

FYI, there are no Pokémon with Flying as their primary type. Well, technically there's one, but it looks like this:

deviantART is working again. This is the best it would give me.

What is that? It's like my brain breaks looking at it. What am I looking at? Why does it have a squid tentacle coming out of its cloud-ass? Why is it so buff and green? Is it related to the Hulk? Is it an elf? It has pointy ears. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?

This is Drifloon. It is a balloon. Ghost/Flying-type. I like it. That is all.

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