Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 13: Rock + Day 14: Ghost

Every day will be a different type. Post your favorite Pokémon of that day’s type. Provide a picture and an explanation as to why you love it.

Day 1: Normal
Day 2: Fire
Day 3: Water
Day 4: Electric
Day 5: Grass
Day 6: Ice
Day 7: Fighting
Day 8: Poison
Day 9: Ground
Day 10: Flying
Day 11: Psychic
Day 12: Bug
Day 13: Rock
Day 14: Ghost

Day 15: Dragon
Day 16: Dark
Day 17: Steel

Some may say the new Pokémon designs are lazy. I say who gives a fuck? It's an Anomalocaris!

No, sorry, that was Anorith. I get confused. This is Anomalocaris:

The only difference seems to be that Anorith has feathers and Anomalacaris has soul-sucking eyes of death. Which makes sense since it was the Earth's first apex predator. Also, feathers make everything look gay.


I love my gay Anorith.

While we're on the subject of unoriginal Pokémon, here's my favorite Ghost-type:

Fine. It's a candle. Lumière's love child. I think it's cute. Fuck you.


  1. The orange is the new pink comment just made me laugh SO HARD.
    I'll never look at feathered dinosaurs the same way again.