Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A thousand apologies. Wait. Just kidding. You only get two.

Every day will be a different type. Post your favorite Pokémon of that day’s type. Provide a picture and an explanation as to why you love it.

Day 1: Normal
Day 2: Fire
Day 3: Water
Day 4: Electric
Day 5: Grass

Day 6: Ice
Day 7: Fighting
Day 8: Poison
Day 9: Ground
Day 10: Flying
Day 11: Psychic
Day 12: Bug
Day 13: Rock
Day 14: Ghost
Day 15: Dragon
Day 16: Dark
Day 17: Steel

Favorite Electric-type? Rotom. But only its Mow form. Why? Because it's a fucking lawn mower.

Can you imagine? "Hey, Rotom. Mow my lawn. Wait, some d-bag wants to battle. Mow them first. No. Mow them the fuck down."

Granted, there's also a microwave Rotom, and he could heat up your pizza rolls for you which wins in terms of usefulness, I guess, but c'mon. Look at Mow Rotom's smile. Look at that grin. He wants to kill. He's glad to kill. He's Patrick Bateman as a Pokémon.

The other Rotom forms don't look anything like that. The fridge Rotom even looks a little sad. And that's lame.

FYI, Rotom can posses different electric objects. He's Electric/Ghost normally, but if he possess a washing machine or a microwave oven, he's Electric/Water or Electric/Fire, respectively. A refrigerator, Electric/Ice. A fan, Electric/Flying. And a lawn mower, Electric/Grass.

So how about those Grass-types? (Smooth transition, fuck yeah.) My favorite? Torterra.

Look at that. He's like some epic dinosaur/snapping turtle hybrid. And I love dinosaurs. I also love turtles. Therefore, I love Torterra.

Growlithe loves him too. In a... different way.

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