Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today is the one year anniversary of bookfart. Did you think you were getting something special? Think again. You are getting a Pokémon meme. Fuck you. This is my blog, and I can do what I want.


Every day will be a different type. Post your favorite Pokémon of that day’s type. Provide a picture and an explanation as to why you love it.

Day 1: Normal
Day 2: Fire
Day 3: Water
Day 4: Electric
Day 5: Grass
Day 6: Ice
Day 7: Fighting
Day 8: Poison
Day 9: Ground
Day 10: Flying
Day 11: Psychic
Day 12: Bug
Day 13: Rock
Day 14: Ghost
Day 15: Dragon
Day 16: Dark
Day 17: Steel


This is one badass mofo right here. He's a motherfucking bear. Look how awesome he is. He will fuck your shit up.

Look, now he has a sammich. Even Charizard, who, by the way, is a motherfucking dragon, is motherfucking jealous. Mother. Fucking. Jealous. You wish you had a sammich. Hell, I wish I had a sammich. Too bad, 'cause Ursaring has it, and I like being alive.

Oh, some might say that this battle would be short. And they would be right. Because Ursaring would win in about three-tenths of a second. Ursaring is weak to only one type. Fighting. Does Aerodactyl learn any Fighting attacks? One. Just one. And it only does 40 damage. He wouldn't even feel that. Nice try, dumbass. Aerodactyl, on the other hand, is weak to five different types and Ursaring can learn four of them. Yeah, that's four different ways of fucking you up, Aerodactyl. Maybe you should write that egg off as a loss and back the fuck off. He is a motherfucking bear. You are a mother. Back it up. Shit.


  1. That was probably the nerdiest thing a BAMF person like you has ever done. Kudos on being a really nerdy BAMF. Not many people can manage something like that.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty much just me and you. Sometimes Jamie.

  3. Jamie has her moments, but most of the time she strays more into the nerdy side of the Nerdy-BAMF mix.

  4. I am SO not as nerdy as a PokeFiend.... or a PolkaFiend... I'm gonna a poke a fiend.

    But, I will agree, I'm not a BAMF either. I'm a bookish-CD (congenial dudette).

  5. You're more like a sexy nurse, really.

  6. She's a BASN. Badass Sexy Nurse.