Thursday, November 5, 2009


Danny is the other narrator. He's of Indian descent and a runaway. He's very decisively middle-class, and if you asked him why he ran away, he'd have no answer for you. Only this: If he hadn't become a Cap when he did, he'd probably have offed himself.

I made a Sim of him once.

Oh. Sorry. What is it with me and links? Here.

Anyway. He's involved with Marcus. While Marcus has his future-lookings and an eye of the tiger, Danny can walk through walls and blend into his surroundings like an octopus, but not both at the same time. Letting him do that seemed like a Game Breaker. How are you supposed to take someone like that down? He could just walk into your house and watch you shower. And crap. Watch you shower and crap ALL DAY. Whatchoo gonna do about it, punk?

Besides, Marcus is enough of a Game Breaker. I don't want to overpower everyone. So I let Danny exercise his right to bear arms.

Because very few Caps have any sort of regenerative abilities, guns still carry the same weight they would in our world. If Kallie gets shot in the head, she's not gonna pull a Wolverine.

Danny knows this better than anyone. He tends to be very liberal with his oxycodone. And he loves his Papal Ale.

All in all, Danny would say he's happier now than before. Yeah, Danny and Marcus are part of a drug cartel. But everyone's got to make a living. Yeah, his boyfriend recites poetry, and lives as much in the future as in the past. But everyone's got their quirks. Then Marcus decides to search for the source of their powers. And Danny finds that change is more difficult than he ever expected.

How ominous.


  1. Question, probably not novel related. But...have you started your NaNo novel yet?

  2. No, not really. I should... but eh. I dunno. HAVE YOU?

  3. Nope, not at all.